From the Editor

Adam Lavigne

Well, here we are again, about to close the year down. It’s old and haggard, bent and grey, walking with a cane towards its rebirth. I truly hope the New Year is a good one for us all, with no hard freezes, or hurricanes or drought.

It was a year, to say the least. But I’m grateful.

As Kathrin spoke to above, we have many good things to look forward to coming up.

The Epcot show, which I recommend you submit a tree to, is truly an awesome experience. First, you have nothing to lose; we’ve made it easier to submit (Click here), with a more fair and open selection process (for example: those on the selection committee cannot submit a tree, as that’s a serious conflict of interest. Incidentally, for this years convention exhibit, we are implementing the same policy). And remember, you must be a paid primary member of BSF, whether through a club or as an at-large member.

The Convention is gearing up and getting close. Jose and Elsa will not only bring their unique perspective from the environments they practice bonsai in (Jose is from Puerto Rico, with a climate much like Florida, and Elsa is from Greece, and lives in Italy, so many of the trees she works on are just like ours), but they are each amazing artists. I’m looking forward to seeing them in action.

With the Convention also comes the scholarship contest. If you wish to participate, tell your club president, or your District Trustee (Here’s the map and list) or send me an email ( and I’ll help you out. It doesn’t cost a thing and you could even win.

If your club wishes to participate in Club Night, send me an email ( so I can get you on the list.

And lastly, here’s the constant call for articles, pictures, poems, cartoons, events…anything having to do with Bonsai in Florida. The magazine can’t go forward without participation from you all, the BSF Members. It is your magazine. Don’t worry about grammar or punctuation or spelling, we can fix that. We just need your experiences, your experiments, your thoughts.

And many thanks to Shaji for the bald cypress article, and Cayo as well. And everyone who’s contributed this year.

My email address for the magazine is