Mike Knowlton Scholarship Fund


Mike Knowlton Scholarship Fund

Michael and his wife Lunetta

About Mike Knowlton Scholarship Fund

To honor the service and leadership of Past President Michael Knowlton, the BSF board has decided to rename the BSF Scholarship Fund to The Michael G. Knowlton Scholarship Fund.

Every year, at the BSF Convention, there is held a bonsai styling contest consisting of eager bonsai artists representing the districts and clubs that make up the Bonsai Societies of Florida. The scholarship fund awards $1500 in scholarships annually to enhance the winners’ education in bonsai.

Being a former educator, Mike Knowlton was a driving force for furthering novice artists’ bonsai education. Therefore, we have chosen to rename the BSF Scholarship Fund in Mike’s honor.

Alternately, you can support the costs of hosting the annual convention, an educational event open to all. THANK you for your support!