BSF: Statement of Purpose


BSF: Statement of Purpose

The Bonsai Societies of Florida (BSF) is a 501(c) 3 tax-exempt educational organization providing supportive services and activities to encourage and promote the traditional art of bonsai throughout the state, as well as neighboring states in the Southeastern section of the United States.

CONVENTION: Each year BSF holds an annual convention that presents people with an opportunity to watch bonsai artists at work; to participate in hands-on workshops; to shop for bonsai and pre-bonsai plants, tools, pots and bonsai-related materials at the bazaar; and to work and share in the friendly companionship of other bonsai enthusiasts.

VISITING SPEAKERS PROGRAM: Bonsai artists from around the country, as well as other parts of the world, are invited to Florida to visit clubs and put on workshops and demonstrations.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships are awarded each year the at the ‘Club Night’ competition to worthy artists to encourage the continuation of their education in the art of bonsai, and impart that information back to their clubs and the umbrella organization.

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS: BSF has expanded its goals to develop programs focusing on the needs of various groups of individuals throughout the state, such as encouraging the interests of youth and people having disabilities, in the art of bonsai.

PERMANENT COLLECTIONS: BSF is working diligently to provide permanent bonsai collections in Florida, and is currently creating a donation program to make such collections available throughout the state.

REPRESENTATION: A trustee, chosen from local clubs, represents each of the eight BSF districts. These trustees are available to attend club meetings, provide assistance requested by local clubs, and act as a ‘grass roots’ liaison with BSF. The trustees, and your elected officers, serve as an open line of communication between the clubs and BSF. Call upon them for assistance! Share your concerns with them, as well as any problems you may face. The trustees and officers are all listed in the BSF directory online, and on the last page of each issue of Florida Bonsai.

PUBLICATIONS: Florida Bonsai is published four times each year by BSF. It features current bonsai articles, as well as sources of bonsai-related materials available for sale.

WEBSITE: Our website ( has recently been renovated, and will continue to evolve, adding new, exciting and educational opportunities and information on BSF happenings.

BSF is here to serve you; the member, as well as each member club!