Bonsai Societies of Florida: Awards


Bonsai Societies of Florida: Awards

Morris Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is presented to an individual who has provided a lifetime of service to BSF in furthering the art form and education of Bonsai. The nomination shall be made to the BSF Board by memorandum documenting the requirements and the individual service to BSF over a minimum of 20 years continuous membership in BSF and a local club. The BSF Board shall approve the award by a 2/3 vote of the voting members. The recipient will receive a lifetime membership in BSF.

The requirements are as follows:

  1. Current Membership in BSF and a local club.
  2. Minimum of 20 years of continuous service to BSF and a local club.
  3. Service shall include serving as an officer in a local club, and/or state club officer and/or national club officer.
  4. Rendered service to BSF as an unpaid volunteer, in furthering the art and education of bonsai.
  5. Must agree to accept the award in person at the BSF annual Convention banquet. The BSF Board will incur the cost of the banquet ticket if requested.
  6. All requirements must be met at a minimum.

Frequency. The award will only be given when an individual meets the requirements and is approved by the board. This is not to be considered an annual award. Award. The award shall be an engraved plaque and a certificate. The recipient shall also be afforded lifetime membership in BSF.

Commencement. This award shall commence with the 2002-2003 BSF Convention year and continue each year or as authorized.

Presentation. The President Choice Award shall be presented at the annual BSF Convention Banquet.

Thomas Zane – Legacy Award

This award may be presented to any individual who has been a vital part of the Florida Bonsai world, and who has left an identifiable legacy, one who has helped to bring Florida Bonsai into the future and has worked to improve knowledge, material, and the culture of Florida Bonsai. Recommendations shall be submitted to the Board for approval by board members.

The award is given to no more than three individuals every calendar year.

Each recipient of this award shall receive a framed BSF certificate of appreciation, and/or gift, if appropriate, to be determined by the awards chairman for that year’s BSF convention

The criteria for recognition shall be based upon a minimum of 15 years of dedication to the teaching and improvement of bonsai in Florida. This award is given to honor those people who are always reaching to improve the art and have done so through teaching, horticulture, promotion, or support of the Art of Bonsai in Florida 21

Nomination procedure:
An individual shall be nominated by any BSF member in good standing, presented to the BSF Board for review and subject to approval by a 2/3 majority vote of the BSF board, either at an official BSF board meeting or through electronic mail correspondence.

The award shall be presented to the recipient at the BSF Annual Convention Banquet.

Authority: Minutes of Meeting, Board of Directors, May 30, 2003, February 29, 2004. December 2010, January 2019, January 2020, Revised May 2022.