Bonsai Societies of Florida: Vendors, Exhibitors, Volunteers


Bonsai Societies of Florida:
Vendors, Exhibitors, Volunteers

2024 BSF Convention Exhibitors Information

Awards to be Handed Out:

We have made some changes to the Convention Exhibit in the form of new awards. The following is a list of all awards to be handed out:

  • Best Large Tree – 24″ and higher
  • Best Medium Tree – 12″ to 24″
  • Best Small Tree – 8″ to 12″
  • Best Shohin – Below 8″
  • Best in Show – Chosen from the Best Large, Medium, Small, and Shohin
  • The Mary Madison Native Tree Award
  • People’s Choice
  • Best Display
  • Best Companion

Exhibitor Submission Overview

If you’d like to submit trees for the 2024 Bonsai Societies of Florida Convention Exhibit, here is your chance. We have about 35-40 spots, depending on the size of trees (or shohin displays). Read the rules below, take pictures and complete submission via email ( by the due date and time listed below. The committee will review all submissions, choosing trees based on size, species, style, movement, and, most important, quality. You’ll be notified of our decision no later than April 30. We likely won’t have enough room for all entries, but we’re hoping for a quality representation from across the state. The email should include size (H x W xD), movement left or right and species (and if you’d like it considered for the Native award)  

Exhibitors can register for all exhibit critiques ($30 per critique). While the critique time is limited, preference will be given to critiques of exhibitors’ trees, if requested. Kathrin Harris 2024 Exhibit Chair

Here’s your chance to submit trees for the 2024 Bonsai Societies of Florida Convention Exhibit. Submission deadline: April 7, 2024.

Submission Instructions

  1. Send email to Exhibit Chair Kathrin Harris ( Please include a photo of tree and size measurements, species, and direction. See complete Submission Rules below.
  1. You must be a member of a BSF-affiliated club, a BSF-affiliated study group, or an at-large BSF member. Please check with your club to make sure it has filed a roster and paid dues to BSF.
  2. Multiple submissions are acceptable. 
  3. Please don’t submit a tree that has been shown at the BSF Convention exhibit in the past three years.
  4. All entries, including a color photo and specs, must be submitted via email ( by due date as identified on website.
  5. Use an appropriate backdrop when taking a quality picture of your tree.
  6. The committee will review submissions and base its decision primarily on quality, while also balancing different sizes, styles, species, and movement of trees.
  7. If accepted, no substitutions are allowed without the exhibit committee’s approval. If your approved trees aren’t in “show condition” in the weeks leading up to the convention, contact the exhibit chair as soon as possible at .
  8. The committee may designate trees that have been submitted but not accepted for display as standby trees. If an accepted tree is withdrawn, the committee may choose to use one of the standby trees or one of the trees that were submitted but not accepted, or they may not replace the tree; all decisions will be in the best interest of the exhibit.
  9. If accepted, you must deliver the tree, stand, and complementary item (scrolls permitted) to the exhibit site at the Florida Hotel between 1-5 p.m. on the Thursday before the convention weekend. Items may be picked up from the exhibit between 5-5:30 p.m. Sunday, or 8-9:30 a.m. Monday. Delivery and pickup of these items must be completed during the aforementioned times and date. If you can’t meet this schedule, your tree will not be exhibited. No exceptions.
  10. Selected trees MUST comply with the following criteria:
  • Tree must be in good health.
  • The pot must be cleaned and fully mossed, free of weeds.
  • If there is wire, it should be unobtrusive and neat.
  • A stand and the complementary item MUST accompany the tree (scrolls are allowed and will be installed by the Exhibit Chair per instructions of owner).
  • There can be no cut or damaged or dirty leaves.
  1. Pictures of all exhibit displays may be taken by a BSF volunteer in the exhibit room and digital copies, if photos are taken, will be made available to exhibitors.

Tree Exhibitor Submission form:

"*" indicates required fields

(The common name is fine, the Exhibit Committee will provide botanical name for the ID card)

Tree Size

Pot Size

Stand Size

Complementary item planned:*
Drop files here or
Max. file size: 50 MB.

    NOTE to Exhibitors: You may elect to send the Exhibit Chair an email that includes the above information in lieu of completing this form. Be sure to include as much information as possible in your email.

    2024 Convention Club Exhibit

    This year’s BSF Convention will hopefully have full representation from all BSF clubs and Study Groups through participation in the BSF Club/Study Group Tree Exhibit. Each club/study group should choose a tree that aligns with this year’s theme to represent your club/study group.

    Your club will have until the first Sunday in May to submit the entry via email. We will not be using companion trees or scrolls. The tree will need to be at the banquet room for display by Friday morning (8 a.m.) on the convention weekend. The trees will be judged by the headliners as well as viewers, who will select a “People’s Choice”, with the best entries receiving an award.

    If your club is interested in participating, please send an email to provide information about the tree:
    Species, Size (H x W x D), Stand or mat size (H x W x D) (not required, but please let us know if you need one), and a photograph of the tree.

    2024 BSF Convention Volunteers Information

    Call for Convention Volunteers! 

    Create connections during the BSF Convention by serving as a convention volunteer!  Welcome new members, reconnect with colleagues, and network with other convention attendees, artists, and vendors, while giving back to BSF and contributing to the success of our annual convention. Volunteers are needed to help with Demos, Workshops, and assist with Conference Registration.

    Demo / Workshop Volunteers

    Volunteers are needed to ensure that all demo and workshop rooms are ready prior to their scheduled start times. Volunteers will assist with making sure that the rooms have the proper materials (trees), empty trash cans, and enough wire. Workshop volunteers will be responsible for announcing the order for picking trees. 

    Convention Registration Volunteers

    Welcome convention attendees to Orlando, and the BSF Convention as a Convention Registration volunteer! Convention Registration volunteers assist with check-in, distribute materials and answer questions while providing excellent customer service to convention attendees.

    Setup Volunteers

    Setup volunteers will assist on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning with the setup of both workshop rooms, the demo room, and the vendor area. There is also a need on Monday morning for breakdown.

    2024 BSF Convention Vendors Information

    Vendor Signups are now CLOSED for this year’s BSF Convention.
    Check back soon for the list of vendors this year.