Kathrin Harris

Artist Name: Kathrin Harris

Email: kathrin2020@verizon.net

BSF District you reside in: 7

BSF Districts you are willing to travel to:  4 – 7

Presentation Type: PowerPoint

Program Type:  Bonsai Propagation. 

Experience: I have been learning the art of bonsai for over 14 years now, but I have always loved toiling in the garden. I love to salvage near-dead plants, ripped-out unloved shrubs, and often put cuttings into water to see if they will grow. When I became hooked on bonsai, my first instinct was to search nurseries for pre-bonsai material, dig things out of my own yard, or salvage cuttings– especially when visiting artists did major surgery on mature trees. The cuttings were potted and sometimes left unattended for a year, at which time they would grow into the ground and grow wonderfully “fat” bases. This led to my fascination for training bonsai from my own stock of mere cuttings. I surely have about 75 nice trees that started out as chopped-off twigs. I’ll share my love for propagation and tips on success through my PowerPoint presentation. I charge no fee since I’m an amateur and my reward is simply sharing my enthusiasm for this fun way to originate bonsai. The best part of the process is being completely in charge of the future of the tree– similar to growing something from seed, but often much faster!