2020 Vendor Registration

      Plans are already well on their way for the 2020 Bsf Convention taking place between Friday, May 22, 2020 thru Sunday, May 24, 2020. We have designed an easy to fill out online form for vendor registration (bottom of page) along with a contract form for you to print, sign and bring with you to the convention.

     Every year, more businesses become interested in becoming a vendor at our convention and we have simply run out of room. We received several complaints from convention attendees that the vendor room was simply too crowded. We have made the decision to move the entire convention to the second floor. The vendor room will easily accommodate the tables we had this year and then some. In order to make things run as smooth as possible, we have made changes to the way that we approach Thursday (set up day).

   We will have 5 different time slots for vendors to come in and set up, this will prevent a bottleneck when using the freight elevator. We will have volunteers with the expressed purpose of assisting vendors transporting their material to the vendor room. Bsf has purchased 2 large carts to assist in the process as well. We realize that set up will probably take longer than usual, but we will be able to get the ball rolling a lot earlier in the day. The floor plan for the vendor room calls for 5 to 6 ft wide passage ways for people to comfortably navigate thru. This will provide comfort for your customers and lead to more purchases. The new vendor room will also provide extra security than the one on the first floor.

   During the convention, the vendor room will open at 8 am instead of 9 am thereby giving attendees who have a workshop or demo to attend a full hour of shopping prior to their event.

 The costs are as follows:

Vendors staying at The Florida Hotel:               Vendors not staying at The Florida Hotel:

Returning Vendors 2+ years:  $75/table           Returning Vendors 2+ years:  $90/table

Vendors from 2019:                  $90/table          Vendors from 2019:                  $105/table

New Vendors:                           $100/table          New Vendors:                             $115/table


Due to the expected demand for vendor tables, we ask that you quickly email us with the number of tables you think you will need so that we may make the necessary arrangements, then fill out the online registration at your convenience.

The room rate will be $114.00/night which is outstanding for a hotel of this caliber. We will make your room reservations with The Florida Hotel so that you do not incur any taxes. You have the choice of one king size bed or 2 queen size beds. On the form, simply let us know which nights you will staying and bed choice.

Remember that Vendor Registration does not cover admission to any events or cover any meals.  If you want to register for Convention meals you will need to fill out the Convention Registration form on the convention website. (Website will be up February 15th, 2020).


Vendor registration does not cover admission to any events, or any meals. If you would like to register for convention events or meals, you will need to fill out a convention registration form on the convention website which goes online February 13, 2021

Note that due to the expected demand for vendor tables, we will not be able to guarantee the total. You will receive a confirmation of approved total number of tables. We are limiting the amount of tables per vendor to 6.

Offloading Window

All vendors will have an assigned time for offloading on Thursday morning. Please indicate your first 3 choices below. You will be informed of your loading time by May 1st at the latest.
$ 0.00

PAYMENT: You will receive an invoice from Bsf with a net 15-day payment term. Vendor fees will be refunded upon written request until May 1, 2021. After May 1st, 50% of fees will be refunded.

If you have any questions, contact Dan Harvey "Vendor Director" at vendordirector@bonsai-bsf.com