BSF Convention Highlights Featuring Ryan Neil

This video shows many of the highlights from the 38th Annual Bonsai Societies of Florida held in Orlando FL.  The headlining Bonsai Artist was Ryan Neil.  We truly hope to see a lot more from him. Video by Paul Pikel

Highlights video from the Joy of Bonsai

For those of you that were not able to attend the Joy of Bonsai presented by the Kawa Bonsai in Bunnel, I have created this highlight video to share some of the great moments of this wonderful event.


JUNE 10  –  JUNE 12   RAMADA   CELEBRATION   RESORT   ORLANDO   FLORIDA Your Bonsai Societies of Florida Board is hard at work planning another annual BSF Convention.     I sure hope you can attend!   Please see this link for information regarding the 38th Annual BSF 2011 Convention in Orlando:   Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando, …

Ninth annual Joy of Bonsai

Kawa Bonsai Society is pleased to announce the ninth annual Joy of Bonsai to be held at the Flagler Extension Office on Sawgrass Road in Bunnell, Florida. For the first time in Florida we are hosting David Easterbrook bonsai curator for the Montreal Botanical Gardens and Kora Dalager from California a specialist in Companion plants and Kusomano planting. Along …

US National Bonsai Exhibition 2010

Dear Friends, Thank you for your interest in the 1ST US National Bonsai Exhibition. The entire weekend event was a success and recently Kinbon (Japan’s premier bonsai magazine) featured a two page illustrated article and wrote “There is no difference in the character of Japanese and American bonsai”. That’s quite a compliment coming from Japan. …