William N. Valavanis

Contact Information

New York, USA



Bill became interested in bonsai and horticulture at age 11 and persued his interest by studying Ornamental Horticulture at SUNY Farmingdale and Cornell University. He has made over 40 trips to Japan and formally apprenticed with Kyuzo Murata and Kakutaro Komuro in Omiya Bonsai Village in Japan. Additionally a 30-year study and association with Yuji Yoshimura combined with his formal horticultural degrees, apprenticeships in Japan and his artistic talent provide Bill with the solid background to promote and teach Classical bonsai art around the world.

He is the proprietor of the International Bonsai Arboretum in Rochester, New York where he maintains a fine personal collection of Classical bonsai. He offers introductory and advanced classes as well as seminars and symposia in Rochester, New York. He also maintains a busy teaching schedule for bonsai and horticultural organizations worldwide. In order to further promote the artistic and horticultural expression of Classical bonsai art around the world he began publishing International BONSAI magazine 29 years ago. He has authored two books and many articles published in English, Japanese and other European languages.

Bill is an active member and officer of numerous local, national and international bonsai and horticultural organizations. His distinctive bonsai and displays have received many awards both in the United States and abroad.

He freely shares his 40 plus years of dedicated bonsai study, experiences and discoveries with students and serious bonsai fanciers through International BONSAI and his educational bonsai programs.