Steve Pilacik

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North Carolina, USA



Matsu Momiji Bonsai Nursery is owned and operated by Steve Pilacik. Steve is known as the American Pine Master. Steve Pilacik is the most experienced grower of Japanese Black Pine in the United States. Steve has specialized in Japanese Black Pine and Japanese Maples since 1977. Steve has written the book “Japanese Black Pine”, put out the DVD “Japanese Black Pine Expanded”, and has also written numerous articles in International Bonsai, Bonsai Today, Bonsai Clubs International, American Bonsai Society, Frank Mihalich’s on line bonsai magazine. Steve is also has been Sensei Sam in Clipping’s the Potomac Bonsai newsletter for 10 years. Steve has also written for the Florida Bonsai Journal.

We would like to further the “Art Form” through education, growing trees, refining trees, and experimenting with new techniques and designs. Since 1975we have been in business to answer your questions and teach the “Art of Bonsai”. Steve has studied in Japan and with many great Bonsai Master’s in the United States. Matsu Momiji Nursery specializes in field grown material. Steve has presented programs on bonsai through the United States and Canada. He began his Bonsai career in 1975. Entered in BCI’s Registry of International teachers.

will travel the world