Ryan Neil

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Colorado, USA



Ryan Neil was born and raised in Colorado, on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains. Throughout his youth the fantastic array of tortured and stunted trees surrounding his home created a deep appreciation and fascination with nature and the resilient nature of plants. Upon graduating high school, Ryan decided to pursue an education in horticulture at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. He already had the intention of pursuing bonsai professionally and apprenticing in Japan, however, it wasn’t until he was introduced to Ben Oki of Los Angeles, California that his dream of apprenticing with Mr. Kimura would become a reality.

     Ryan has studied under Masahiko Kimura for over five years. All of his experiences have allowed him to grow and develop as a bonsai professional. Ryan’s objective and interest since his recent return to the United States is to continue to help promoting the art of bonsai throughout the United States; and more importantly to raise the level and knowledge of bonsai in the U.S.