Robert Steven


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  • Born in North Sumatra, 25th. June 1958.
  • Married, wife (Beatrice A. Yun) with one son (Ongston Bhearto) 20 years and one daughter (Queency Luvry) 11 years.
  • In Giftware business (fine-art sculptures), Chinese antique furniture & memorabilia, Bonsai appliances, stamps & marking devices.
  • Other hobbies beside Bonsai : collecting antiques and unique memorabilia, taxidermy, magic-art and sculptures.
  • Started doing and collecting Bonsai in 1979. Have permanent exhibit centre with over 500 Bonsai collection in wide variety of species.
  • Have won more than 200 competition awards nationally as well as international e.g.:
    – Entry Award of 2000 JAL World Bonsai Contest
    – Entry Award of 2000 Ben Oki International Design Award
    – Runner-up winner of 2001 Ben Oki International Design Award
    – Grand Winner of 2001 Certre Award International
    – Runner-up winner of 2002 Ben Oki International Design Award
    – Runner-up winner of 2002 Certre Award Competition
    – Entry Award of JAL World Bonsai Contest 2002
    – Runner-up of World Bonsai Contest 2003
    – Bronze Award of 2006 BCI Convention in China
    – Grand Winner of 2007 Certre Award International
    – The Most Original Design Award 2007 of KoB
  • Secretary General of Asia-Pacific Bonsai Friendship Federation (ABFF)
  • Ambassador to Bonsai Clubs International (BCI).
  • BCI Board of Director’s member (2002-now) & Public Relation Committee Head.
  • Bonsai judge doing domestic and international Bonsai judging
  • Coordinator of “ABFF Award – Ismail Saleh Trophy”, an international Bonsai Photo Contest.
  • Keen promoter of Chinese Penjing, Expressionistic & Surrealistic Bonsai styles.
  • Active in writing Bonsai and Penjing articles for newspapers & magazines and columnist for the Readers Forum in BCI magazine.
  • One of the initiators and key-speakers of Indonesian Bonsai Art Discussion Forum.
  • Intensively travelling around the world conducting Bonsai and Penjing teaching, lectures, demos, workshops and judging including on national TV program.
  • Expert Editor of Green Hobby magazine.
  • First book “Vision of My Soul” was published in April 2005 in luxury limited edition, had been one of the best seller Bonsai books sold out within 6 months. The second edition is just reprinted.
    “Bonsai is not simply an art object to buy and collect like painting or sculptures; but we should involve our emotion to express our character and message in order to give the “soul” to the tree. There is nothing right or wrong in Bonsai art, do not treat the rules as check-list; but wisely implement the rules and honestly create our own identity, culture without losing the common aesthetic value, and the nature character of the tree itself. Bonsai is not for showing our economical status (unfortunately very often it is!), but to show our whole attitude!”