Min Hsuan Lo

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MIN HSUAN LO received the grand prize of the JAL world bonsai contest in 1999, and he has won countless other honors since, that’s include Ficus, Juniper, Chinese pistachio, Mini Size bonsai & Deciduous tree. From 1997 He has traveled to Malaysia, the Philippines, South Africa, India, USA, China, Puerto Rico & Indonesia for bonsai demonstration, lectures, and workshops.

Lo was born in 1956 in Central bonsai garden. The family bonsai nursery was built by his father in 1947. As a child Lo was at his father side learning the art of bonsai. After graduating from the University in Chinese literature department Lo return home to create bonsai.

He began teaching bonsai in Taiwan in 1992. In 2001 he started bonsai teaching in Ken Kuo Technical University and in 2004, he become the bonsai teacher in Pei Tou Community University. He was one of the founder of Taiwan Bonsai Creators Association in 1998, Now he is the Chairman . TBCA is the most active & powerful bonsai association in Taiwan, every member should be pass the serious bonsai competition, every bonsai must do by himself. Now TBCA have 132 professional bonsai artist.

Lo contribute articles for Bonsai Club International, also for Bonsai Europe & Bonsai today & will be in Bonsai actual. He become BCI editorial staff & director in 2007, throughout 2007 BCI have published Lo’s article in every issue. He get BCI 2007 artist ,writer & photographer’s award.

Lo is famous for so call “LO’S STYLE” ,with lots of vertical curves appears the old huge tree. This unique style is set up in the nature old tree came from the field combined with the beauty line from the Chinese calligraphy, and life philosophy of ancient Chinese philosopher.


  • 1995 Taiwan Ficus bonsai association Golden Prize.
  • 1999 JALworld bonsai contest grand prize.
  • 1998, 2000, 2002 Taiwan Bonsai Creator Association, Top prize.
  • 2007 BCI Artist ,Writer& Photographer’s Award.