Rob Kempinski

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Florida, USA


Living in central Florida, USA, Rob’s collection is a mix of tropical and temperate trees that can take the heat of Florida’s summers and very mild winters. He especially likes Buttonwood, Japanese Black Pine and Willow Leaf Ficus trees. He’s had the good fortune to travel extensively around the US and the world visiting bonsai gardens and exhibitions. Lately he’s been traveling sharing his knowledge and approach to bonsai having visited Japan, Taiwan, Belgium and taught in India and various places in the US.

When the opportunity arises he show his trees, as he enjoys sharing the art. He’s had trees on display at the World Bonsai Show in Washington DC in 2005, at the BCI Conventions in Saint Louis 2004, and Orlando 2002, at the American Bonsai Society Show in Saratoga NY in 2006, at several Bonsai Society of Florida Shows, at the Walt Disney World EPCOT Bonsai display and at our local club show. Rob serves as curator for the Bonsai Society of Brevard permanent exhibit at the Brevard Zoo. His trees won several awards. He’s provided several articles to bonsai magazines and is presently working on a book about the art of bonsai.

Due to his career he’s have had lots of leadership experience and has applied that to various bonsai organizations. Presently he is the 1st Vice President of Bonsai Clubs International. It is his desire to apply professional business acumen to improve BCI operations and subsequently the value of BCI membership. In doing so BCI will be able to help promote and elevate the art of bonsai across the globe.


  • three times had trees selected in the JAL/WBFF Annual Top 100 Trees in the World Photograph Competition
  • winner of the American Bonsai Society 2002 North American New Talent Competition and runner up in the BCI Ben Oki award

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