Jason Schley








Jason started bonsai under the tutelage of Tom Zane in 1996 after being self-taught and experimenting with ficus and various indoor bonsai in Michigan starting senior year of high school in 1992.

Once Jason saw how bonsai were supposed to be trained in the Japanese style by Mr. Zane, he started taking classes offered by anyone who would teach them, including Ben Oki, Suthin, Mike Rogers, Rodney Clemons, Kathy Shaner and Joe Harris among others.

Jason has been trying to improve his techniques ever since, always trying to learn from others and improving his art form. It has been a wonderful experience to learn from great individuals, as well as teaching bonsai at his Shop in Daytona Beach Florida since 2004.

He offers beginner classes monthly and intermediate classes 4 times a year with guest artists occasionally coming to help with advanced classes to help the more experienced students excel as well.


Second place in 2006 new talent scholarship, first in individual 2007


Jason works extensively in central Florida area and at this time has to concentrate here due to nursery care requirements.

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