Artist Request form

Please Note:

  1. Clubs and individuals participating in the Tour must be members of BSF.
  2. You must provide information for all fields. Incomplete submissions will not be scheduled.
  3. Failure to pick-up or deliver artist or to pay for your share of transportation costs will result in a loss of privileges to receive artists.
  4. Each club or individual is responsible for providing the artist with clean living accommodations.  Treat the artist as you would like to be treated if you were on tour.   Be sure to give them appropriate private down time in their busy schedules.
  5. Each club or individual is responsible for providing or coordinating, the artist with prescribed meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) Please note that it is unacceptable to feed artists snacks that are distributed at club meetings as a substitute for a prescribed meal.
  6. Artist fees must be paid by the club or individual immediately after the session (Mailing checks is not acceptable).
  7. Once a date has been set for the artist’s visit, email the Speaker’s Bureau Chair with the venue name and address, meeting time and small description of program type (workshop, BYOT, demo, etc.). This information will be placed on the BSF website’s “upcoming events” and “calendar” sections.

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