Visiting Artists Program

The visiting artist program is an important program for BSF members, enabling clubs, study groups, and individuals to have bonsai artists for demos, workshops, critiques, and private sessions that would otherwise be impossible on an individual basis.  This program is implemented by the Chair of the Speakers’ Bureau.

The visiting artist program only works well when all participants are conscientious, responsible, and are willing to work with other participants in a flexible manner for such things as pick up and drop off locations and exchange times.  Also, visiting artists are our guests.  We are very fortunate to have them.  They need private downtime from their busy schedules.  The general rule of thumb is to treat other participants and visiting artists as you would like to be treated.

It is important to know and adhere to the following:

  1. The Chair arranges with nationally and occasionally internationally known bonsai artists to conduct visiting artist tours. The terms for the tours, including fees, staying in homes or hotels, are agreed upon between the Chair and the artist.  Individuals representing clubs, study groups, or private sessions cannot contact the artist to negotiate separate terms.
  2. Transportation arrangements are set by the Chair and the cost of transportation is divided among tour participants on a per session basis. Additional incurred transportation costs for out-of-state clubs, study groups, or club members are assessed to such clubs, study groups, and club members on a per session basis as well.  The BSF Treasurer invoices participants for such costs and participants must pay for such costs on a timely basis.  Failure to pay for such costs on a timely basis may result in removal from the program.
  3. It is very important to adhere to deadlines and to provide complete and accurate information when requested. There will be occasions when the Chair will need a quick response and/or confirmation regarding such things as tentative schedules.
  4. For obvious reasons participants cannot assume that they will have the artist on a particular day of the week or during the weekend only. That would not be fair to other participants.
  5. Do not ask artists to do any bonsai-related work other than what is paid for in accordance with the established terms for the tour.
  6. Participants need to be particularly careful to communicate in advance with their contacts from other participants regarding confirmation of pick up and drop off locations and times. Keep each other informed regarding any changes or problems.  

Please complete the Visiting artist request form by the due date for each artist and submit it to the Speaker’s Bureau chairman. Forms must be submitted in a timely manner, forms submitted after the due date may not be considered. Please make sure that you provide contact information for the people responsible for transporting the artist to the next club. Under no circumstances will BSF book flights within the state to get artists to their next engagement. 

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