BSF Florida Artist Database

The State of Florida has a unique challenge; it has 4 Plant Hardiness Zones: from 8a all the way to 11a. These extremes make for a very interesting variety of species of trees that can be grown and turned into beautiful bonsai.  Just as varied as our zones, so too is our talent. The Bonsai Society of Florida is in the beginning stages of creating a Florida Artist Database. This database will serve to assist clubs in the ever-present challenge of finding talented artists for club demos and presentations. The database will not only consist of our world-class bonsai artists, but also potters, display table makers, photographers, as well as people with information on display presentation, bonsai soil preparation, pest control, and more. Bsf Clubs will be able to contact artists residing in all 9 districts and schedule programs for their members.  If you know someone in Florida with unique skills that our bonsai clubs would benefit from, please let them know about this program so that our database can be as inclusive as possible. Thank you.

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