Ben Agresta

Artist Name: Ben Agresta


Social Media:

BSF District you reside in: 6

BSF Districts you are willing to travel to: 3 – 8

Presentation Type: Workshop, Demo

Program Type: Bonsai Design, Bonsai Soil, Irrigation, Garden Design

Experience: Agresta Gardens is home to the country’s largest collection of big bonsai trees. Over 330 trees, and 105 species to manage. Ben’s journey began in 2016. With the experience and help of others, Ben was able to improve the collection and continue refinement. He can talk about a specific species, refinement techniques, wiring, repot/pot selection, irrigation and garden design, and so much more. Based out of Orlando, Florida. Clubs are also welcome to visit the garden as a club tour. He is also known, generally, as being terrible at carving.