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For several years, many individuals have thought of coming up with a list of names (in essence a database) of Florida artists for the sole purpose of assisting Bonsai clubs with the never-ending issue of finding talent for their clubs. BSF has put together this forum to allow Florida artists the opportunity to reach all bonsai clubs. Instead of limiting the list to just Bonsai design artists, we have opened the list to all who may have any of a number of Bonsai-related skills. You do not have to be a BSF member to be on the list and you do not have to be a BSF member to use this list for getting a talented artist for your club.

If you know someone that has a Bonsai-related talent, please make them aware of this forum. We will gather the information submitted through the form and build their page. If there is any information that you would like for us to include on the Artist Main Page, please let us know.

"Bringing Bonsai to the World"

We know how difficult it can be to look for talented artists for both Demos and Workshops. We hope this database makes that task a bit easier.