Membership Roster Submission

REQUEST FOR SUBMISSION OF DUES, ROSTERS, AND ORGANIZATION DATA: In September of each year, the Membership Committee Chair will send an email to each Member Society requesting submission, by December 31, of BSF membership dues along with a roster of members for whom BSF dues are submitted. The roster is to include the individual member’s name, complete street or box address, city, state, complete 9-digit zip code, and e-mail address. The individual member’s phone number may be included. In addition to the membership dues and roster, Member Societies will be requested to send administrative information about their organization. The deadline for submission will be 31 December for the ensuing year.


DUES AND ROSTER: Member Societies need to submit payment for BSF dues by December 31 to the BSF Membership Chairperson for each Primary Member in their organization. Member Societies are to provide a roster listing all primary and secondary members. BSF has established a roster spreadsheet which provides a column for Member Societies to distinguish between Member Type [Single, Family (Head), Family (Member)] and Membership Type (Primary or Secondary


BSF MEMBERSHIP DATABASE: The BSF Membership Database for the ensuing year will be created and maintained based on information received from Member Societies, members-at-large, donor members, and life members


CHANGES TO PREVIOUSLY REPORTED MEMBERS: Member Societies should submit a change of electronic addresses as soon as known. The Editor of The Florida Bonsai Magazine will periodically inform the Membership Chair of e-mail address changes/problems. The Membership Chair will make corrections as appropriate in the BSF Membership Database. If a problem persists and an accurate e-mail address cannot be obtained, the member’s name will be deactivated in the database pending receipt of a deliverable address.


Blank Roster Spreadsheet