Bonsai Societies of Florida Speakers Tour Presents Dan Robinson

Our final selected speaker for the 2011 tour season is Dan Robinson. Let’s all welcome Dan Robinson to Florida by signing up and participating in a BSF sponsored demonstration, workshop or private session. Dan Robinson will be traveling from Seattle to join us in Florida during the month of November 2011.  
Please let the Speakers Bureau know if you wish to have Dan at your club. We will be booking his trip in advance to try and curtail airline and hotel expenses. You or your club must respond no later than May 1, 2011. Booking of Dan’s sessions will be through the BSF website only. Emails or written requests are not accepted. We will process all submitted requests after May 1st and create a preliminary schedule. This schedule will be given to your District Trustee, who will have seven (7) days to review the schedule and request schedule changes. 

Clubs are responsible for feeding and housing our guest artists. If your club has a speaker for the entire day, you are responsible for his meals. If you have a split day between clubs, you are responsible for the appropriate meals. If your club has the speaker for the last session of the day, you are also responsible for member home or the hotel cost.Our speakers are our guests, so please treat them appropriately.

Sessions with Dan Robinson: $300.00 per session

Incomplete applications will not be processed. If you have any questions please contact the Speakers Bureau for clarification.

To request Dan or any other Touring Artist please click here to access the Request Form

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