FL Mid-Winter Conference: The Landscape in Miniature

FL Mid-Winter Conference: The Landscape in Miniature

Florida Mid-Winter Conference

The Landscape in Miniature

January 29-30, 2011

An in depth overview of the art of the container landscape, & the traditions of: penjing, peng t’sai, bonkei, bonsai, saikei, thiếu cảnhcay cảnh, hon non bo, trough gardens, microenvironments and formal tokonoma display

And historical perspectives including slides and discussion of the brilliant Micro-environments by Leon Snyder, and the precedent setting work by Saburo Kato.

with demonstrations and workshops of some of the various traditions, by:

Mike Rogers   |   Rodney Clemons   |   Steve Pilacik  

Clif Pottberg   |   Marian Borchers   |   Linda Pottberg

 By all accounts the creation of miniature landscapes predated the work on the individual tree as an art form.

In some ways it is the higher art, for it is at once more complex and artistically challenging, and more capable of complete  creation, much as the ancient literati painted their exquisite sumi paintings.

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