Stolen Buttonwood

During the night of Tuesday the 15th of April someone stole this Buttonwood from Ed Trout’s back yard. This Buttonwood has been in training for about 25 years. It is 53 in tall, 30 in wide, and 30 in deep. It is in a Tokoname Lotus style container, approx 20 in, by 3 in deep.

In 1996 it was chosen by John Naka to receive the BSF Presidents Award at the 96 convention. That year it was also chosen as the Gold Coast logo tree. It also received other awards at various Florida conventions, and was proudly displayed at the World Bonsai Friendship Federation in Washington, DC in 2005, and the very first EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival in 1993. It also was chosen in the top 100 of the World Bonsai Contest twice, once in 1999, and again in 2007.

It was collected in the Florida Keys, and I purchased it from Mary Miller many years ago.

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