Bonsai Society of Southwest Florida Annual Bonsai Show & Sale

At this year’s show, we are offering something different for the public, two free workshops. If you have ever wanted to try a little bonsai or bonsai related arts, this is your opportunity. On Saturday, Phil Krieg will host a workshop on creating a bonsai using Dwarf Schefflera. Participants will each receive a potential bonsai and with club members helping, each participant will trim and wire the trees into future bonsai. The workshop is free. If the participant chooses to purchase the tree they have worked on, the cost is $25 but there is no requirement to do this. Enjoy the experience.
On Sunday, Martha Goff will hold a free workshop on creating Kokedama or Moss Balls. This is a related art form that often accents or accompanies bonsai. All materials will be supplied. If you remember the fun of making mud pies, this is for you. If participants choose to keep their creations, the cost is $15 but there is no requirement to do so. Get involved and have a fun day.

2017 BSSWF Annual Show Schedule

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