The Loss of Sena Zane

The Loss of Sena Zane

IMG_4039Sena Zane, beloved wife of Tom Zane, Lifetime Achievement Award winner, recently passed away peacefully in her sleep. While many are aware of the importance of Tom’s role in BSF activities from the late 1970’s through the 1990’s, few are aware of her important role in BSF as well.






Sena was the chief editor of all the numerous papers and articles written by Tom during this time. Sena also authored eight Florida Bonsai Magazine articles, and she served as Chair of Speakers’ Bureau from 1996-2001. Sena worked for many years at BSF Conventions and Kawa activities, and she had a significant role in the International Bonsai Conference in 1983.

Sena - always on the run!

Sena – always on the run!


Sena and Tom were the best example of a true bonsai partnership. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tom and his family.