Ninth annual Joy of Bonsai

Kawa Bonsai Society is pleased to announce the ninth annual Joy of Bonsai to be held at the Flagler Extension Office on Sawgrass Road in Bunnell, Florida.

For the first time in Florida we are hosting David Easterbrook bonsai curator for the Montreal Botanical Gardens and Kora Dalager from California a specialist in Companion plants and Kusomano planting. Along with David and Kora with will have Florida’s own Mike Rogers, Mike Cartrett and David Van Buskirk Our weekend event is going to be filled with fun and great demo trees to be auctioned. Our demo trees are beautiful and are the highest quality yet! Come and join us for a weekend of bonsai fun. Vendors, workshops, demos, raffle and a huge auction of all the demo trees for each artist presenting!

You can access the registration and program information here
E-mail me any questions and registrations.

I hope to see you there.

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