John Naka Award



Dear Members of Bonsai Societies of Florida,

The great American Bonsai Master, John Naka is known throughout the entire world as a wonderful teacher and a true ambassador for bonsai. Did you know that John was also the FIRST bonsai artist to tour Florida over 40 years ago as a BSF-sponsored speaker? John came to Florida quite often, leaving those he taught yearning for more and better appreciating the Art of Bonsai. He was a very important catalyst that propelled us to where we are today. We owe him much!

The American Bonsai Society has created a contest to honor John, and demonstrate how much his influence shows in our own trees. The John Naka Award is given every year to an artist who displays the influence of John’s teachings in the tree they have created, a requirement requested by Alice Naka, John’s wife. It is a very prestigious award!

I know that there are many, many bonsai trees in the State of Florida, created per the requirements of this contest, by artists who meet the criteria requested by the Naka family. And because John had such roots in the advancement of bonsai in Florida, I firmly believe that we should have a significant representation of work submitted for this Award.

Therefore, I would request that each Bonsai Club in BSF consider selecting a tree from its membership to submit to this contest. The details on submission, and requirements are available on the ABS website at If there is any way I can help in this
project, or you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me at

I would really like to see Florida Bonsai well represented at the 2012 John Naka Award ceremony in Denver.

Sincerely yours,
Ed Trout

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