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We are having our 45th birthday party this week. The party is this Friday, September 12th at 7:30 pm at the Orange County Agricultural Extension Office. The address is: 6021 S. Conway Road              Orlando, Florida 32812 All are invited, we will have cake, raffles and a member sale with […]
Kawa Bonsai Society would like to present our 11th  annual Joy of Bonsai on January 19,20 & 21, 2013 we are so excited to bring this event back again for another year. We have so many new things to add to this years event and we invite you to attend. Our artists are very excited […]
Kawa Bonsai Society is pleased to announce the ninth annual Joy of Bonsai to be held at the Flagler Extension Office on Sawgrass Road in Bunnell, Florida. For the first time in Florida we are hosting David Easterbrook bonsai curator for the Montreal Botanical Gardens and Kora Dalager from California a specialist in Companion plants and Kusomano planting. Along […]
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