2021 Bsf Convention – wrap up

2021 Bsf Convention – wrap up

Photo courtesy of Hamilton Agnew



     We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you who attended the 2021 Bsf convention this last Memorial Day weekend in Orlando, Florida. It was very exciting to see friends we had not seen in a very long time. We tried several new things this year, and everything went well. Going to the second floor was a risky move because of the many vendors we always have in attendance as well as giving up the exhibit room we have used for years. We are happy to report that we received nothing but positive comments about the move to the second floor. To us, it just simply made sense to have everything on the same floor. The vendor room was enormous, with plenty of room for the aisles and the exhibit room was just perfect.

    To our headliners; Jennifer Price, Martha Goff, and Lourdes Arnaez a very special thank you. You honored us with your presence and your skill. You are and will always be part of the Bsf family.

   The many volunteers we had this year, were simply awesome. As always, they went above and beyond what was asked of them. The Convention Committee once again gave us a convention we will not soon forget. A heartfelt Thank You to all. For those of you who were not able to stay for the Banquet on Sunday night, you missed some very important announcements for next year; here is a recap.

  Club Night is back for 2022. It will take place on Saturday which will prove to be an activity-filled day during next year’s convention. In 2019, our first Club Exhibit drew 13 clubs from all over Florida and 2021 had 15 clubs participating; we hope to have even more in 2022. The theme for 2022 Club Exhibit trees will be “FOREST”. We hope that the composition you turn in to represent your club next year does not yet exist, in other words, we would love for your club to come together and build a beautiful forest using whatever species you think looks best.

   The headliners have already agreed to bring their expertise to next year’s convention. From Colombia, we will have Liliana Tello Ortiz and from right here in Florida, Mike Lane. They both have a huge online presence and following. We are honored they have accepted our invitation.

   The Convention Committee has already begun the arduous process of acquiring material for the 2022 convention. We presently have all DEMO trees and 60% of the workshop trees. We will soon continue to scour the state of Florida visiting nurseries in order to get all of the trees you will be working on in 2022. We will transfer them to the Bsf nursery where they will be taken care of in the meantime.

 During the month of September, we will launch the annual Convention Logo Competition and also ask all clubs to begin the planning for their Club level styling competition for the Bsf Scholarship.

The 2022 Bsf Convention’s theme will be:

Strength thru Unity

“The Creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”


Something to think about. See you guys soon.