2019 BSF Convention News

2019 BSF Convention News

On February 15th, the 2019 BSF Convention website (BSFCONVENTION.COM) will go online. In it you will find all aspects of the BSF Convention in one place. The different main menu items will take you to different sub menus with even more information. The “Programs” heading has a dropdown menu with pages for Workshop, Exhibit, Club night, and Scholarship competition. The aforementioned “Workshop” page will provide detailed information on each workshop including species information, instructor, work shop cost and pictures of the material. The “Exhibit” page will give you the information needed to submit in an application along with the link for the Exhibit Application Form which you can submit beginning February 15th. The “Club Night” and “Scholarship” competition pages also provide valuable information on these events.

The “Schedule” heading provides a graphic representation of the 3-day schedule broken down by day. You will be able to not only see the activity’s time and description, but also its locale. Under the “Home” heading you will find the “volunteer” page which will guide you thru the process of volunteering for the convention. You will also find the “Blog” page here; this page will be our way of communicating little bits of information and will serve to keep you apprised of the very latest on our convention.

The SHOP heading is where you will be able to go and not only register for the convention, but also purchase workshops, critiques, and convention merchandise, however, you will not be able to put anything in your cart for purchase until March 2nd. This is when you will be able to begin making your purchases. You will have 2 weeks to get familiarized with the site and get caught up on all aspects of your BSF Convention before you can register. Please make sure to reserve your room nights by calling the hotel at (407) 859-1500 and mentioning that you will be attending the 2019 BSF convention in order to receive the special room rate of $111.00 per night. Make sure to get your confirmation number which you will need in order to qualify for discounts when registering.

This year we have added a Club Tree Exhibit. An opportunity for each club to submit a tree to represent their club. The tree will be judged with other club entries and will be in the running for the Best Club Tree trophy. Look for details in the website as well.

We have already purchased all of the material for the workshops, secured all of the artists, purchased all of the trophies and have finalized all convention site contracts. Our team has worked very hard to put on an unforgettable convention experience for you, we can’t wait to see you there.