Bonsai Societies of Florida Presents Florida Artist – Jim VanLandingham

Bonsai Societies of Florida Presents Florida Artist – Jim VanLandingham

JimVanLandingham.041612bThe Speakers’ Bureau is coordinating the Florida Artist Tour for at least one more year.  There is a special opportunity with a very special person, Jim VanLandingham.  A long time ago a good friend of mine told me that there are ‘givers’ and there are ‘takers’ in life.  There is no doubt that Jim VanLandingham is one of the ‘givers’ in Florida bonsai.  His theory is, ‘bonsai has been good to me and I want to give back’.

Jim has agreed to do the Florida Artist Tour and he will not be charging a fee for clubs! The only charge will be for transportation, which if we are successful in signing up a good number of clubs in each section of the state, should not exceed $50 per session.  Jim will be driving from one location to another so clubs and individuals do not have to transport him.  He is happy to stay in the homes of club members.  Jim is interested in presenting a brief video on DVD to clubs so clubs should make arrangements to accommodate this with appropriate A-V equipment.

Also, he is interested in working privately with individuals at the rate of $25 per hour.  There will be no transportation charge for private work with individuals. A typical three hour session would only cost $75 for individuals instead of the normal $250-$300 per session fee!  This provides a great opportunity for work and critiques involving private member collections at a most reasonable price.

The Florida Tour will be organized a bit differently this year.  West coast clubs from Naples up to Clearwater/Inverness will be scheduled in March, 2014.  East coast clubs from Miami up to Brevard and into Orlando will be scheduled in April, 2014 and North Florida clubs from Ocala/Kawa up and over to Tallahassee will be scheduled in September, 2014.  Of course, individuals will be scheduled around the dates of their local clubs.  Jim has been doing privately scheduled tours of the western panhandle (Fort Walton Beach and Pensacola) out to the Gulf States for a number of years so the Speakers’ Bureau will not be scheduling that area.

If you are interested in signing up and participating in this special Florida Artist Tour for a workshop, demo, critique or private session, you will need to complete the special Florida Artist request form that you will find on the BSF website  If you are new to this program or if you have any questions, please contact the Speakers’ Bureau ( for clarification.

There will be three deadlines for submittal of Florida Artist request forms as listed below:

West Coast – December 15, 2013

East Coast, including Orlando – January 15, 2014      

North Florida – May 15, 2014 

There will be no exceptions to the deadlines in light of all of the logistical work involved in setting up schedules.  We will process all completed Florida Artist request forms immediately following the deadlines and forward a tentative schedule within seven (7) days to review and request schedule changes.  The final schedule will be developed as soon as possible thereafter and forwarded to participants.  Note that due to working with many clubs and individuals, usually we cannot accommodate specific requested dates.

An invoice covering your share of the Florida Artist’s transportation costs will be sent to you by the BSF Treasurer.  Individuals who sign up for a private session must pay the Florida Artist, either cash of check, immediately following the end of his work.

Participating clubs and individuals are responsible for feeding and housing our Florida Artists.  If you or your club has a Florida Artist for the entire day, you are responsible for meals.  If you or your club has a split day between clubs and individuals, you are responsible for the appropriate meals.  If you or your club has the Florida Artist for the last session of the day, you are responsible for home accommodation or hotel costs.  Our Florida Artists are our guests, so please treat them appropriately, providing them with some private down time during their busy schedule.  


A Bit About Jim VanLandingham

JimVanLandingham.041612cJim has been involved in bonsai for thirty years and he has worked closely with the Bonsai Societies of Florida during that time, coordinating two B.S.F. conventions in 2001 and 2002.  His specialties include collecting trees from the wild and working on tropicals.

Jim’s background includes extensive work with Jim Smith at Durastone Nursery.  Most recently he has worked with J.J. and Richard Turner at Old Florida Bonsai.  Jim has done numerous demo’s, workshops and critiques both in Florida at local clubs, the B.S.F. Convention and in the Gulf States.  In addition, he works on various private collections.  He regularly donates his time to working with students and young people helping them to hone their skills.