2013 BSF Convention Club Night competition

2013 BSF Convention Club Night competition

Here we go again –

2013 Bonsai Societies of Florida Annual Convention – Spring Breeze is on its way!

BSF would like to see every club participate on Saturday night, May 25, 2013. We are  celebrating our 40th Annual BSF Convention. We are hoping you and your club members will bring their very best ideas along with your most unique material to help your club win a piece of BSF bonsai history. This year’s judges will be the BSF 2013 Headliners: Suthin Sukosolvisit, Sean Smith and Michael Feduccia.

The Rules

 1. The 2013Club Night is open to all BSF Member Clubs & Study Groups in good standing with Bonsai Societies of Florida.

2. Each participating club will donate their completed work of art for the 2013 Annual Auction.

3. The time allowed will be three hours, from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at which time our judges will view the completed pieces and select the winner(s).

4. The winners will receive the following: First Place of $500.00, Second Place $250.00 and Third Place winner will receive $150.00.*

5. In addition to the bragging rights, the competition First Place winner will receive a perpetual trophy, en- graved with their club name and year. This trophy will circulate each year as a historical legacy of the Club Night Competition. Additionally, the club will return the trophy the following year’s convention where they will receive a smaller copy of the perpetual trophy.

6. Pre-registration is required and all entrants. Send to Club Night Coordinator: Everyone must pre-register. Registration deadline: February 21, 2013.