Let’s add a 4th speaker for 2013! Mike Rogers

Let’s add a 4th speaker for 2013! Mike Rogers

This year the Speakers Bureau will try something new.

BSF would like to recognize the dedicated service of our local Florida Speakers. Each year BSF will invite one local speaker to tour the state as an additional bonus to our current 3 speaker offering. Each club or member will have the opportunity to sign up for a session with our selected local speaker. In the course of the year our Florida speaker will visit each quadrant of the state (north, south, east, west).

As an added feature, the possibility of scheduling a particular day of the week or weekend can also be requested but of course not guaranteed. The BSF speakers Bureau is proud to present our very first selected Florida Speaker for 2013 Mike Rogers. Please let the know if you wish to have Mike Rogers at your club.

We will be booking his trip in advance so we can coordinate when Mike will visit each area of the state. You or your club must respond no later than December 31, 2012.

Booking of Mike’s sessions will be through the BSF website only. Emails or written requests are not accepted. We will process all submitted requests after December 31st and create a preliminary schedule. This schedule will be given to your District Trustee, who will have seven (7) days to review the schedule and request schedule changes.