BSF Junior Scholarship

BSF Junior Scholarship

Criteria:  The scholarship is open for those between the ages of 9 and 18 age who have expressed an interest in the art of Bonsai.

  • Applicants will provide evidence of their interest by one or more of following:

a)  an essay of no more than 500 words;

b)  evidence of competence in some form of horticulture;

c)  an example of their artistic work, ie. paintings, sculpture, etc.

d)  a recommendation of a teacher or mentor;

* the applicant should provide an essay if possible

Procedure:    Applicants will provide this material to the Education/Chair by April 30th of the calendar year.

The Education/Chair will select no more than 10 for consideration to the full BSF board with his recommendation. The BSF board will make the final decision.

  •  The winner will be notified in a meaningful period after the meeting
  • The Education/Chair will provide an application on the BSF website which local clubs may download. It is suggested that local clubs provide the application to to their local Boards of Education in December, or other venues of Youth Education, ie. YMCA, church groups, etc.

Award:   The winner will be provided with the following:

a) An opportunity to work at a bonsai nursery with Jim Smith, perhaps for 3-4 days. Also a choice to work with Eric Wikert at his nursery on the west coast.

b) Receive plant material and instruction over a period of time either at the nursery or at home;

c) A stipend for travel and meals;

d) A free registration for the next BSF convention.

Download the BSF Junior Scholarship application here