International Bonsai Symposium 2009

International Bonsai Symposium 2009

Pictured is the Rosade Bonsai Studio award winner from the International Bonsai Symposium 2009 Shohin Convention in New York. Several of us went to the Shohin convention in early September. Bill Valvanis e-mailed and asked us to bring an exhibit to the show. As you know its very hard to travel on a plane carrying a bonsai tree and the items needed for an exhibit. I thought about not exhibiting but the night before I left Bill sent another e-mail reminding me not to forget to bring a tree for the exhibit. So, I packed my favorite ficus and a stand and companion plant in a box and put the tree along with the exhibit in a tote bag for the plane ride to New York.

The convention was great and there were so many beautiful trees in the exhibit. We had a great time learning and visiting with our bonsai friends across the country along with our international friends as well. This is a great convention and if you haven’t been to Bill’s for a symposium I suggest you go.

Erik Wigert was a presenting artist and did a demo along with several workshops. His work was incredible and everyone really enjoyed working with him in his workshops. Erik again proved that Florida has a huge amount of talent and we will most defiantly see him on the international circuit.

The weekend went great and during the banquet the awards were given out. The first award was the Chase Rosade Design Award and I was shocked when they called my name for the award. What an honor to have your tree recognized at an event with so many beautiful trees and such a huge international presence. I want to thank Chase and Solida Rosade for such an honor. I was truly humbled by the experience and I can’t tell you how excited I was as well! This tree is one of my favorites and was also the Joe Samuel’s Award winner at our 2009 BSF Convention an Award I hold dear to my heart!

My advice to anyone thinking about exhibiting is its worth the trouble getting the tree there!! Louise Leister