Tree Theft at BSF Convention

Tree Theft at BSF Convention

While the 2007 was a lot of fun and everyone who participated in the workshops came away with excellent trees it is with a great deal of disappointment that we are asking for your help in the following matter.

On Saturday the 9th between 8:00 a.m. and 8:20 a.m. someone stole the pictured buttonwood tree from Ryan Frye’s booth.

Ryan is the owner of Blue Heron Bonsai LLC and specializes in the sale of bonsai, pre-bonsai, bonsai-supplies, and Japanese garden supplies. He founded this company a mere 6 months ago which grew out of his 11 year passion for bonsai. Blue Herron Bonsai LLC is based out of Sanford, FL and its main sales channel is the internet.

In his own words Ryan describes the tree as follows:
“You can see that it has a very distinct trunk for a shohin buttonwood bonsai. When it was stolen it was just beginning to develop a nice branch structure and the leaves were reducing well. The tree was no more than 5-6” tall and had excellent corky bark. It was developed by airlayering some stock that I’d had for several years. I really enjoyed creating this tree and had hoped I could one day display it.”

If you have any information about this tree please contact Ryan Frye at (407) 312-6231 or send him an email at

Thank you for your help!