Visiting Artists Program

We are trying to simplify the Visiting Artist Program and bring the program up to date so that clubs and members wanting to schedule a session can simply go to the web, fill in the form, and e-mail it to the chairperson. Deadlines are now in place and are very important to this program and will not be changed. Trying to book flights and create a schedule is impossible with out these deadlines. Members must be willing to transport the artist to and from the airport and meet half way to the next club. Please make sure when booking an artist that you are willing to move the artist half way to the next session. Artists are not comfortable flying within the state on small planes and have stated this. I thank you for your help in updating this program.

Please complete the Visiting artist request form by the due date for each artist and submit to the Speaker chairman. Forms must be submitted in a timely manner, forms submitted after the due date may not be considered. Please make sure that you provide contact information for the people responsible for transporting the artist to the next club. Under no circumstances will BSF book flights within the state to get artists to their next engagement.


Request Form

Please use this form to submit a Visiting Artists request.