Juan Andrade


I. Education

College: BsC. in Biology, Costa Rica University (2006)
Languages: Spanish, English, basic Japanese.

II. Bonsai Education

2005. Bonsai Techniques Workshop. Pedro Morales. Costa Rica.
2006. Bonsai Design Workshop. Pedro Morales. Costa Rica.
2007. Intensive Workshop. Boon Manakitivipart (1 week, 2 intensive courses). Florida. USA
2008. Bonsai Techniques Workshop, Shinichi Nakajima. Costa Rica.
2008. Intensive Workshop. Boon Manakitivipart (2 weeks, 3 intensives courses). California, USA.
2011. European Bonsai School. Salvatore Liporace. Costa Rica.
2011. Tropical Bonsai School 1st year. Pedro Morales. Costa Rica.
2011. Tropical de Bonsai School 2nd year. Pedro Morales. Costa Rica.
2012. 3 month apprenticeship trial at Aichi-En, under Junichiro Tanaka, supervised by Peter Tea. Nagoya, Japan.
2012. Tropical Bonsai School (3rd and 4th years). Pedro Morales. Puerto Rico.
2012-2015. Accepted as a full-time Bonsai apprentice under Junichiro Tanaka, Nagoya, Japan.

III. Professional Experience

2005. Instructor: Bonsai Basics Course. Costa Rica University.
2009. Instructor: Introduction to Bonsai. Costa Rican Bonsai Association.
2009. Demonstrator: World Bonsai Convention. Highlighted as the youngest demonstrator and the only professional Bonsai artist from Central America. Received public praise for his work by Bonsai Master Shinji Suzuki and assisted him in both of his demonstrations. Puerto Rico.
2010. Starts professional Bonsai work in Costa Rica, dealing mainly with the development and maintenance of private Bonsai collections. Bonsai trees from his students consistently begin to receive top awards at the National Bonsai Exhibit.
2011. Demonstrator: Notable Bonsai Masters Event. Venezuela.
2012. Personal Collection Exhibit: XIII International Arts Festival. Costa Rica.
2012. Seminar and Workshop: “Junipers in Tropical climates”. Puerto Rico.
2013. Seminar and Workshop: “Junipers in Tropical climates”. Panama.
2013. Demonstrator: World Bonsai Convention. China.
2014. Demonstrator: XI Latinamerican Bonsai Federation Convention. Puerto Rico.


2005. Ben Oki International Design Award. First Runner Up. Bonsai Clubs International, USA.
2005. World Bonsai Contest. Japan Airlines. Honorable Mention.
2007. FELAB New Talent Contest. 2nd place. Puerto Rico.
2007. Knowledge of Bonsai Forums Progressive Styling Contest. First place in 4 out of 5 categories.
2008. Recognition to Excellence. Costa Rican Bonsai Association. Costa Rica.
2009. X Nation Bonsai Exhibit. Best Bonsai with a native species. Costa Rica.
2012. XIV National Bonsai Exhibit. First and second plane in Professional Category. Students obtain first and second place in Amateur Category. Costa Rica


  • Styling and Maintenance of individual Bonsai or Collections, both tropical and temperate climate species.
  • Introductory or Specialized Bonsai Courses.
  • Group Workshops.
  • Demonstrations for Bonsai Organizations.
  • Study Groups.
  • Pot sales (Modern Japanese, Antique Chinese) and Bonsai tools (Kikuwa, Kaneshin).
  • Japanese Bonsai procurement and import services (Costa Rica).

Daily Fees

$750 USD per workday (8 hrs) for conventions or club events/shows.
$500 USD per workday (8 hrs) for group/club workshops. (10 people max)
$350 USD per workday (8 hrs) for individuals.
Travel expenses and accommodation are additional to the daily fee.

Contact Information

Email: bonsaitico@gmail.com
Ph (US): 1-561-777-4761
Ph (JP): 81-080-5135-2134
Skype: juan.andrade.bonsai
Facebook: juan.andrade.bonsai

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