2017 Convention Questions/Answers

1.  How is the 2017 Convention different than BSF Conventions in the past three years?

BSF and The American Bonsai Society are holding a joint  Convention. ABS members from around the country will be joining BSF members to enjoy a special bonsai learning experience, celebrating the 50th anniversary of ABS. Friday will be a ‘day of demo’s’, in fact 14 demo’s involving 16 artists! Saturday and Sunday will consist of 41 three hour learning seminars designed for bonsai enthusiasts from beginner to intermediate to advanced! The seminars will range from branch bending and deadwood carving to the more traditional workshops.
21 bonsai artists/teachers will be coming from as far away as Indonesia. All of them have generously waived their normal honorariums which underscores their commitment to “Moving American Bonsai Forward”. This also explains why we can have so many at one Convention.
Registration is different than in past years. In prior years registration only included a lunch, a dinner and eligibility to attend demo’s and be silent observers at workshops.
Participation in workshops cost extra. This year’s registration includes two dinners, attending Friday demo’s and participating in 4 learning seminars on Saturday and Sunday. Some of these are workshops. The only extra cost is for plant materials only in
A special activity will occur on Thursday from 9 AM to 5 PM. The ABS Joshua Roth New Talent Contest will be held in conjunction with the BSF Scholarship Competition. BSF members are welcome to attend as silent observers at no cost. Since this is a National Convention, deadline dates are much earlier than in prior years. Pay attention to informational email blasts that will be distributed this Fall.

2. How is the 2017 Convention similar to BSF Conventions in prior years?
The Convention will continue to be held at the Florida Hotel in Orlando over Memorial Day Weekend .
The grand opening of the Exhibit will continue to take place on Friday night followed by demo’s and a silent auction. We expect that the Exhibit will include some temperate Northern species as well as Florida’s most outstanding bonsai among the 50 displays. Roughly 75 tables of vendors are expected to be available to sell bonsai and bonsai related items throughout the weekend. Club Night will continue to be held on Saturday night.
A student competition will continue to be held, depending on sufficient participation.
Three days of raffles of bonsai and bonsai related materials will be offered.
The Convention will continue to end with a special Sunday Night Banquet, auction and silent auction.

3. Can I continue to register for only one day of the Convention instead of the entire Convention as in past years?
Yes, you can register for Friday or Saturday or Sunday if you do not want to register for the entire Convention.

4. Why is the cost of full registration ($260, early bird if staying at the Florida Hotel) for 2017 so much more than the last three years’ Conventions ($100, early bird if staying at the Florida Hotel)?
In prior years registration only included a lunch, a dinner, attendance at demo’s and the ability to be silent observers at workshops. Participation in workshops cost extra, ranging from a low of about $95 to a high of $225 each.
In 2017 registration includes two full dinners, attendance at all of the Friday demo’s, and participation in four learning seminars chosen from a choice of 41 learning seminars. Some of the learning seminars are workshops and they include an additional cost for materials only ($95 to $155). More than 25 of the learning seminars cost nothing in addition to the cost of registration!
Clearly, BSF members who registered for the three prior Conventions and signed up for a few workshops, not to mention as many as four workshops, paid substantially more than will be the case in 2017.

5. Will I still be able to see Florida artists during the Convention?
Yes, Florida artists will be doing demo’s on Friday and there will
be some Florida artists/teachers teaching the learning seminars
on Saturday and Sunday.

6. If I choose not to register for the Convention, can I still attend certain events during the weekend?
Yes, non –registrants can continue to attend the special Bonsai
Exhibit (Check the program for the hours that the Exhibit will be
open to the public.) Also, non‐registrants can access roughly 75
vendor tables of bonsai and bonsai materials, and further, they
can enjoy participation in the daily raffles.
Non‐registrants cannot attend any of the Saturday or Sunday
learning seminars.

7. Can I register if I show up on one of the days of the Convention?
No, pre‐registration is required. No onsite registration is

8. How can I be sure to get the learning seminars that I want?
It is important to register sooner, rather than later. Don’t procrastinate. Learning Seminar lists are set up on a first come,
first serve basis.

If any one still has questions, please contact president@bonsai‐bsf.com for
further information.