After the lively competition and camaraderie at the 2016 BSF Convention, Club Night is back by popular demand.  This is one of the most interesting and fun events in the Convention!  Based on feedback, we have included judging criteria below so that all clubs are on the same playing field in advance.

We want every Club to be a part of this special event as we celebrate our 44th annual Convention and the 50th anniversary of the American Bonsai Society.  We have offered special prize money for the 2017 event.  We are hoping that you and your club members will bring your very best ideas along with your most unique material to help your club win a piece of bonsai history.  Also, we welcome ABS members who want to join in on the fun and participate in their own group (s).  In any event, remember that the main objective is for people to have fun working together on a bonsai related project.  This year the judges will be selected from our list of outstanding Seminar teachers. Plan now to become a part of BSF history by competing in this fun and educational event.

Are you ready?  Here are the rules:

  1. The 2017 Club Night is open to all BSF member clubs, BSF study groups and ABS groups.
  2. Each club or group will put together and donate its completed work of art for auction at the end of the event on Saturday night. Remember that one of the important reasons for having club night is that it serves as a fund raiser to offset BSF Convention costs.
  3. While it is understood that advance planning and organization are necessary, the actual work in putting together your project, including wiring and final styling is expected to occur during the allotted time on Saturday night.
  4. The time allowed will be three hours on Saturday night. The competition will start at 7 PM and end at 10 PM sharp.  Our judges will critique the entries and award the prize(s), depending on the number of entries.
  5. The judges will take into consideration the following criteria in determining award winning projects:


Sound Bonsai Styling Techniques

Movement – Flow of Trunk (s) and branches

Evidence of Group Involvement

Health of Material

  1. The winning clubs or groups will receive a first place prize of $500, a second place prize of $250 and a third place prize of $150. The only stipulation is that in order for us to award all three placements, there must be a minimum of 9 clubs or groups competing.  If we have 7 or 8 clubs or groups competing, we will award two placements – first and second place.  If we have 6 clubs or groups competing, we will only award first place.  If we have 5 clubs or groups competing, we will have fun and judges’ critiques, but no cash award for first place.  If we have fewer than 5 clubs or groups, it will be necessary for us to cancel the event.
  2. The winning club or group will also receive a perpetual trophy that will be engraved with their club or group name and the year they won. This trophy will circulate each year as a piece of history for the event and your club or group name will be a part of the legacy of the Club Night competition for all to remember.  The winning club or group will return the trophy the following year at which time they will receive a smaller copy of the perpetual trophy that will be for them to keep.
  3. Registration in the form of an email, indicating the name of the club or group, is required.  All registrations must be sent to my email address,, no later than March 1, 2017.  We need this information early so that we can plan for the event, make sure that the room is ready and that we have enough tables for the competition.  This year Club Night will take place in Legacy North 1 and 2 to make sure that there is plenty of room.

Let’s get all of our clubs and groups fired up so that we can meet our goal of at least 9 clubs or groups to have three placements for the winners.

Donna Iannotti

2017 Club Night Chairman