Magazine Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access the Florida Bonsai Interactive Magazine?

You will receive an email from BSF which includes a link. Click on the link to automatically go to the Joomag website. Joomag is the online digital publishing service that BSF is using to edit, format and distribute our new interactive Florida Bonsai magazine. When prompted, enter your email address. You are now subscribed and you will automatically receive future issues of the Magazine.
The Magazine is copyrighted and is only available to BSF members. You will only be able to access the Magazine via the email you register. Your email address is kept confidential and will not be sold or used for marketing purposes.

Can I get the Magazine on my tablet or smart phone?

Email Bob Wertz, Membership Chair, at Provide your name and your preferred new email address. Make sure your local club membership chair has the updated information as well.

How do I navigate through the magazine?

Click on the arrow icons to move from one page to the next. You may also click on any small page illustration(thumbnail) which appear at the left of the window when you click the Pages Overview icon(see explanation of icons later in this Guide). The left and right arrows on your keyboard will also navigate through the pages.

How do I skip to different sections of the magazine?

Clicking on the page numbers associated with articles listed in the Table of Contents (TOC) will jump to the first page of that section. Clicking on the “TOC” in the left or right bottom corner will return you to the Table of Contents.

What is a ‘hotspot’ or ‘twinkle’?

As you turn pages in the Magazine, you will notice certain parts of the page will briefly light up or ‘twinkle’. Also, if you move your cursor over those areas, they will ‘twinkle’. These are “hotspots” that will either create a new email or a new window/tab in your browser. You will note that all email addresses and website addresses are “linked” so when you click on them, your own email system will create a new email with the “To” address automatically in place. We have chosen to fill in the Subject line also, so we know you are contacting us via the Magazine. Clicking on website addresses will automatically take you to that website. For instance, clicking on artists’ names will take you to their websites, or a site that provides more information about them and their trees.

Once I have clicked on a ‘twinkle’, how do I get back to the tab or window showing me the Magazine?

If a new tab or window has opened, look for the title bar (at the top) which reads Florida Bonsai and click it to get back to the Magazine.

What do the icons mean at the left side of the magazine screen?

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